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Orthodontics for Children

There are many orthodontic problems that are best treated during childhood! In most cases, the ideal time for the first orthodontic check-up is after the first permanent molars have erupted. These teeth usually appear between 6 and 8 years of age. The purpose of this consultation is not to plan for a full orthodontic treatment, but rather to intercept any dental eruption or skeletal growth problem that may be occurring in your child’s mouth.

Not all children should be treated orthodontically, but early screening is a good way to prevent a problem from getting worse and complicating the treatment later. That is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends the first orthodontic consultation to be around 7 years of age.

During the orthodontic consultation, many factors concerning your child’s dentition will be evaluated. Some examples are:

Growth pattern: Is there a disharmony between the upper and lower arches? Is there a growth asymmetry?
Tooth eruption: Is there any space missing for the teeth that need to erupt? Are all the teeth erupting at the right place?
Habits: Is there an oral habit that can be detrimental to the dentition?

These problems are best treated early to prevent future complications!

Orthodontics for Teens

The majority of orthodontic treatments are done during adolescence, between the ages of 11 and 16 years old.

For most cases, it is the best time to do a comprehensive orthodontic treatment because the permanent dentition has almost completely erupted and there is still skeletal growth that can be manipulated. In other words, an orthodontist can use the oral changes that occur during puberty to help correct your teen’s malocclusion. If the growth period is not used to treat the malocclusion, there are increased risks that dental extractions and maxillofacial surgery may be needed in the future. Also, orthodontic treatments seem to progress more quickly and are usually simpler when they are completed during the adolescent period.

Orthodontics for Adults

There are many reasons to start an orthodontic treatment in adulthood. The most popular is improving smile esthetics! A person’s smile is a major contributor to their appearance and self-esteem, but esthetics is not the only reason to start an orthodontic treatment. Repositioning teeth and allowing them to fit better together can improve function and help maintain the integrity of the dentition as well as the structures around them. Many adults could benefit from orthodontics to reposition their teeth if they are having problems chewing or suffering from premature wear of their enamel. A beautiful smile is very important; however, comfort, function and the health of your teeth are even more important.

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